Charles Strouse and Lee Adams’ “The Telephone Hour” from “Bye, Bye Birdie” (1960).
Charles Strouse beside his younger self (the cover of his 2008 memoir “Put On a Happy Face”).
“Bye, Bye Birdie” star Dick Van Dyke, greeted by Charles Strouse, on its opening night (1960).
Ray Bolger as Prof. Fodorski in “All American” (1962).
Seeing this ad as a nine-year-old made me want to see this show more than any other. Unfortunately, my parents wouldn’t take me. 😡
A thirteen-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker, (in red wig) who in 1979, joined the cast as “Annie.”
Immigrants arrive in American in “Rags” (1986).



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Ron Fassler

Ron Fassler

Author, playwright, director, actor, theatre critic and historian, his book, “Up in the Cheap Seats,” is available at Amazon.com.